CrossFit Temporary Insanity

10653 G Ave. #301-302

Hesperia, CA 92345

(760) 985-5890

Open gym Friday

Attention! Memorial Day Murph info


Warm up starts at 8:30....we'd like to get going before the heat hits


After the wod: potluck


Please bring a prepared dish. We will not be BBQing. We have outlets if you need to keep something warm & fridge if needed.


Jacob Mefford will provide water, plates, plastic ware. BYO any other beverages you'd like.


See you Monday 5/30


Open gym today pick a benchmark WOD

Thursday 4/26

Cindy's Kung Fu Grip


20 min AMRAP

Partner 1:

5 Pull ups

10 Push ups

15 Air Squats

Partner 2:

Deadlift hold #225/155

Partner 1 may not begin working until Partner 2 has picked up the bar. If partner 2 drops the bar partner 1 must wait until he/she picks up the bar again to resume work. Switch every round. Score is total rounds by both partners

Wednesday 5/25

Double under skillwork day!


For time:

150 sit ups


Tuesday 5/24

10 min EMOM

3 Power snatches @ 70% of 1 RM snatch

Then, for time:

20 burpee buy in


Power snatches #75/55

Kb swings #53/35


20 burpee buy out

Monday 5/23

Handstand Skillwork Day!



5 Rounds for time:

10 Hang squat cleans #135/95 (Rx+ 155/105)

12' Handstand walk (Rx+ 15' HS walk. Scale: 30 second HS hold against the wall)

400 m run

Thursday 5/19

10 min EMOM:

2 Squat cleans @ ~60% of 1 RM clean

1 Power clean

This should feel fairly light. Focus on good mechanics and speed under the bar.




DL ~58% of 1 RM DL (Try to go unbroken!)

400 m run


If you don't know your 1 RM DL but you were here for the 5 RM day a few weeks ago, use ~67% of your 5 RM.

Wednesday 5/18

FYI everyone Rocky will be coaching the PM classes today!:)

Also, there will be no class this Saturday!



5x5 Bench press (add weight every set)

Don't get greedy and make sure you have a spot when it gets heavy!


Then, for time:


Box Jumps


Ring Dips

Tuesday 5/17

Death by thrusters!

1,2,3,...etc. EMOM for as long as possible

Add one rep per minute until failure.


Yoke walk! Find a heavy yoke walk the length of the gym.

Monday 5/16

9x3 Front Squats @ 85%


15 Min EMOM:

Minute 1- 15/12 Calorie row

Minute 2- 15 Wallballs #20/14

Minute 3- 15 Push presses #95/65

(5 Rounds)

Thursday 5/12

For time:


KB swings #53/35

Push ups

GHD Sit ups


Take some extra time today to focus on mobility.

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